Welcome To Yggdrasil

Here you will learn the Lore of the World

The End and the Beginning

In the beginning, Yggdrasil was a world like any other, however this was destined to change when calamity struck nearly causing an apocolyptic event. The only way to prevent this was the System. This System is named Yggdrasil and was put in place at the core of the world to save it, so that those that inhabit it and those that come to inhabit it can all live and thrive. As the years became decades became centuries, the old civilization came to an end as the world came to a soft reset, the old buildings being buried or lost to the sands of time. The only remnant now is the Labyrinth, a planet wide dungeon. As elven life has gone on, they were joined by humans, dwarves, and other races that came to inhabit Yggdrasil.

The Adinistrators

The Administrators are those that help keep the system in place and in check, because of this and their power they are rumoured by those who know of them to be god like entities or even the gods themselves.


The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth, also known as the Great Dungeon, is a gigantic, world wide underground labyrinth of stone passageways leading deeper and deeper into the world. It has three parts known to those above, four to the Administrators; The Upper Stratum, The Middle Stratum, The Lower Stratum, and the Bottom Stratum. No adventurer has ever been deeper than the entrances to the Middle Stratum and lived to tell the tale, for some of the more monstrous races live in these caverns.

The Upper Stratum is home to fairly weak monsters, not goblins and the like but spider monsters, snake monsters, and other beings suited for darkness.

The Middle Stratum is a molten labyrinth of stone and lava passages, many fire wyrms are said to make their home here.

The Lower Stratum is only known to the surface by history's stories, and is said to be home to the strongest of monsters; Full fledged dragons, greater spider monsters, even a rumoured queen spider monster.

Only the Administrators know of the Bottom Stratum, the very core of the world and all that remains from the old world.

The Countryside of Jun

The Countryside of Jun is home to a number of forests, mountains, rivers and a swamp. Be wary though for the wilds are home to Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, and other such monstrous races. The farmland in the Countryside is tended by humans and are largly left alone by most monster races as they simply want to live in peace, as such humans, some elves, and the occasional dwarf are largely left to their territories by the monster races. Occasionally there will be raiding parties of monsters but that is far more rare than human bandits raiding villages. Deep in the forest there are even rumors of Dryads, keepers and protectors of the forest. The goblins and ogres are said to live in the forest, while the orcs live in the foothils to the Spine Mountains. There are rumors of an underground Lizardmen village in the Styx swamp.

The Kingdom of Raventalon

The kingdom of Raventalon lies at the western edge of the forest of Jun, and is inhabited mostly by humans. The capital city of Raventalon is the city of Crowsong. Crowsong is ruled by the nobilty of the Einz family, currently lead by the human mage Lord Momen Einz. While Crowsong is tolerant of most races, monsters from the dungeon will be attacked on sight. The monsters of the forests are tolerated to trade with on occasion. The farmland surounding Crowsong is protected by wooden walls, while the city itself has stonebrick walls protecting it. Crowsong has four city gates, located on the cardinal directions for the town. The Green Dragon Inn is the most popular tavern and inn in Crowsong. The city does have a chapel for the Curch of Her Holy Word.

The Kingdom of Dwargaur

The Citystate of the Dwarves, Dwargaur is a cave city built into a mountain far from the forests, and is located at the edge of the Spine Mountains. It is approximately three weeks by foot from Dwargaur to Crowsong. This city is home to some of the finest cratsmen in the world, Meard Onyxia is one of these craftsmen. The King of Dwargaur, King Gimnam Giott, has declared Dwargaur a free trade city, meaning any sentient being can come to trade here, such as Shiori The Deathbloom Scythe spider monster. The Lotus Tavern and Inn is the best in Dwargaur and has little competition.


To the north of the Countryside of Jun is the nation ruled by the Greater Demon Lord, Drako Morgolen. The laws of the nation are said to be the simplest in the wolrd, while there are a few laws pertaining to daily life to protect the citizenry, the top law is simple: Survival of the Fittest. Drako Moroglen rules absolutely in this nation. The captial of Vrobirmir, Darking, is home to Morgolen Castle, and is a port city with coming and going trade ships all year around. The city has five gates in total at the five compas points between West, South, and East. THe best inn in Darking is the Winter's Kiss Inn.

The Islands of the Mists

Rumored to be north of Vrobirmir is an island chain encompassed by mists and storms. Little is known about life on the island other than it might be possible to get there via the Labyrinth.