Discord Server Rules

1.] No unpingable names/nicknames.
2.] No overly explicit nicknames and/or profile pictures, or anything else on your profile like your status or about me.
3.] Racism, Sexism, or any other form of discriminations will not be tolerated Out Of Character. Speciesism will be tolerated in character if there is reason, I.E: a human is interacting with a monster, within reason. Otherwise it will not be tolerated.
4.] Any harassment of any kind, including but not limited to death threats, DDoS threats, and sexual harassment will result in an immediate ban.
Do not advertise your Discord Servers, Youtube, Twitch, et cetera without permission from @Drako Vishious , If approved it will be put in a proper channel.
6.] This is a pg-13 server, meaning no nsfw stuff, romance in between characters is ok to a point.
7.] Respect the mods, if they tell you to stop doing something, then stop it.
8.] Keep IRL Religious, Political, and anything else subjective/can start an argument out of the server.
9.] Characters should be original characters, do NOT steal existing characters or use canon characters to anime/tv/movies.
10.] Once you've finished reading this go to the portal and say Reincarnated.
11.] The server's Primary language is English, if your username is not in English, make sure your nickname uses roman characters. Occasional messages in other languages will not get punished as long as you primarily use English.
11.] Enjoy yourself and please have fun, but do use common sense.
12.] As stated in Rule 6, there is no NSFW stuff between characters, however if it is reported that an underage user is trying to do nsfw stuff in DMs then they well be investigated and most likely banned. This is to keep those in this server safe.
13.] Rules on this server are subject to change as nessessary.

Roleplay Rules

1.] The killing of other User's Characters is prohibited without that User's express permission. That said, the world is dangerous and you may lose a character to the world's roleplay if not careful.
2.] No “Godmodding”, “Auto-hitting”, “Bunnying”, “Metagaming”, or any other behaviors not normally accepted within roleplaying or combat roleplays.
2.A] Godmodding is an unfair use of your character's powers and similar actions or such things.
2.B] Auto hitting is the act of assuming an attack has instantly landed on an opponent without giving them a chance to react or avoid the attack. Be sure to avoid specific wordings in your post. Ex: "She punched him in the face" is not acceptable, but "She aimed a punch to land against his face" is.
2.C] "Bunnying" is the act of using multiple attacks in a singular post. While we are typically relaxed we ask that you keep things within reason. I.E: Casting multiple spells of magic at the same time that is not specified within any of the skill trees. The exceptions being similar to Mass Magic: Death Storm.
2.D] "Metagaming" is the act of having your character aware of information that they shouldn't be. For example, if you learn in the ooc chat someone has a weakness to fire, your character shouldn't just be able to know this I.C.
3.] Staff and the Words of the World Tupper are not bound by these previous rules if they are Game Mastering something.
4.] While NPCs exist we ask that you not go overboard using them.
4.A] Hostile NPCs should only be played by Staff in most situations.
5.] When role playing with groups of people, one may find that a particular person disappears, or is not able to post for quite some time. If your characters are NOT INVOLVED IN A COMBAT SCENARIO, you may simply have your character post out of turn to leave. If involved in combat, you must NOT assume attacks land, or leave a fight in progress because of a person's inability to post. If you feel locked, or in an unfair situation, contact a moderator, and exceptions will be made depending on the circumstance.
6.] Starting equipment must be simple and within reason of why the character would have it.
7.] Unique Skills are Unique and must be approved by Staff and Can not be used by other Characters.

Leveling Up Rules

If you feel that your character has done enough to level up ask a @Staff member about leveling up and they will corrordinate how many levels your character's level or your character's skill's level grows.