Spell Creation Rules

If you choose a magic type and/or acquire a magic type through the roleplay you may submit spells to be approved with your character. It must, however, fall within the tier and type of magic you have chosen/acquired.

Magic Trees and Tiers

Earth Magic -> Terrain Magic -> Seismic Magic

Flame Magic -> Fire Magic -> Inferno Magic -> Nuclear Magic (Grand Magic)

Ice Magic -> Freeze Magic -> Glacial Magic

Lightning Magic -> Electro Magic ->Magnetism Magic

Light Magic -> Healing Magic -> Holy Magic (Level 5 unlocks Title: Priest)
-> Photomancy Magic
-> Revitalization Magic -> Resurrection Magic (Grand Magic, Unlocks the Title: Saint).

Dark Magic -> Necromancy (At Level 3 This Unlocks the Title: Necromancer)
->Gravity Magic
->Poison Magic
->Umbra Mancy Magic -> Rot Magic(Grand Magic, Unlocks the Title: Cultist)

Water Magic -> Flood Magic -> Tide Magic

Wind Magic -> Gale Magic -> Tempest Magic

Mass Magics

Mass magic are massive area of effect magics that are unlocked by mastering certain.

Drako Morgolen's Winter Death Storm: A wide area storm attack with tornados, black lightning, snow, and freezing rain. Can only be cast in outside areas. Unlocks from Mastering Tempest, Glacial, and Electro Magics.