Skill Rules

Skills Level up with usage to a maximum of ten levels, the next time it would achieve a level the skill will either unlock more skills, evolve into a new skill, or simply remain capped at tenth level. For example: Magic Trees can unlock more skills or evolve into new ones such as: Flame Magic evolves/unlocks to Fire Magic. Light Magic will Unlock Healing Magic, Holy Magic, Photomancy Magic, and Revitalization Magic.

Some Magic Skills called Mass Magics can be unlocked after Gaining the required Skills. For Example Mass Magic: Death Storm Requires Tide Magic, Tempest Magic, and Thunder Magic to all have been acquired and leveled up to level 5. In addition, magics are more difficult to level and unlock higher tiers the stronger the magic tier is.

Spells must be approved by Staff and must be in a Magic Skill the Character has. Unique Skills exist and can be held, however once a character has acquired a Unique Skill, no other character can unlock it as long as the holder is alive.

Some skills can evolve into a Unique Skill, and from the Unique Skill to an Ultimate Skill which will also unlock a Title. For Example: Appraisal Level 10 will next evolve to Great Sage Level 1. Great Sage Level 10 will Evolve to Wisdom and bestow the Title: Lord of Wisdom. Unique Skills are Harder to Level up than ordinary skills, For example: Great Sage will gain levels with more difficulty than its predecessor Appraisal, however once it does reach level 10 it will evolve into the Ultimate Skill Wisdom. Once You gain an Ultimate Skill it's predecessor skill will be able to be gotten by another character, however like Unique Skills, Ultimate Skills can only be held by a single character.

Some Skills can be acquired through activity, for example: Swordsmanship Level 1 is gained through swinging a sword for the first time. The Skill “Naming” can be acquired by anyone, however it requires the skill “Creature Taming” or “Animal Friend” to work the most efficiently. Naming an Animal, Creature, or Friendly Monster will cause it to evolve more quickly or immediately (Depends heavily on staff availability and approval of what the Animal, Creature, or Monster will evolve into.). This may also cause animals to evolve into familiars.

Appraisal -> Great Sage -> Wisdom
Telepathy -> Thought Communication Magic Sense -> Detection (Unique
Skill) -> Universal Detection (Ultimate Skill, Unlocks the Title: Lord of Perception.)
Swordsmanship -> Sword Mastery -> Sword Hero
Shieldsmanship -> Shield Mastery
Scythemanship -> Scythe Mastery
Axemanship -> Axe Mastery -> Berserker (Unique Skill)
Immortality: (Prerequisites are Resurrection Magic Level 10 and Necromancy Magic Level 10, or can be acquired through certain evolutions.)
Spatial Maneuvering -> Dimensional Maneuvering -> Universal Maneuvering (only administrator characters can use this skill)
HP-Auto Recovery, MP Recovery Speed, MP-Lesson Consumption, Stamina Recovery Speed.
Magic Flight
Animal Friend, Creature Taming, Naming.
Spider Thread, Cutting Thread -> Utility Thread -> Divine Thread Weaving
Keen Senses -> Superior Senses
Blacksmithing, Weapon-smithing, Armor-smithing -> Master Crafting
Lesser Summoning -> Summoning -> Greater Summoning -> Primordial Summoning